During the period 2014-2017 I composed many songs developed and undertaken at Abbey Road Studios London recorded in Studio 1 and 2.

The compositions originally entitled “Simply Piano” series recordings are now re-recorded for some tracks,  recompiled and re-mastered to C.D. available to Product and Services Promotion Organisations, music, and media Industry. The compositions are “performer” and “rights holder” ISRC registered.

In addition to the Abbey Road recordings are compositions I generated at Bosendorfer Recital Studios Kent UK and my own Studio in the UK recorded on digital piano. Five different pianos were used to create Album 4.

Many of my compositions fall into the “Incidental Music” and “Easy Listening Music” category.

As a self-taught non music reading pianist I developed a technique composing music whilst playing the piano simultaneous with recording the performance. The compositions involve recalling past events and experiences I can put to music. Assessment is then made regarding the recorded quality of the composition.

My compositions are inspired by worldwide travel and work experiences, particularly in Central, Eastern Europe and America. All compositions are achieved as “Single Take” recordings extracted from the session mixes.

I developed and refined composition skills performing weekends in Night Clubs as a part of a trio comprising piano lead, double bass, and percussion accompaniment. The core skill of the Night Club entertainer is the ability to detect the listening requirements of the clients and to immediately respond in order to maintain interest and enjoyment throughout the evening. Organising a pre-set music programme prior to performing on the basis the audience would be immediately receptive was a sure way to fail.

Musical performance skill and accuracy took second place to the prime object to maintaining listening value. In this regard I have always concentrated upon musical improvisation skills in the broadest sense over a wide range of music genres providing the bedrock for achieving a unique composition.



RETIRED: Commercial Operations Management. World wide Industrial Engineering Construction Projects.

EMail: malcolm.moores@btinternet.com