Recording Simply Piano 9 Studio 1

STUDIO 1 Preparation 11 January 2017

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SIMPLY PIANO 9 was recorded on 11 January 2017 alongside Simply Piano 8. Feature compositions on Simply Piano 9 are THE SICILIANO 1.2.3.

Track 5. Listeners will recognise this as the Mary Hopkins 1960 hit song. The origin of the song is “Russian Traditional” composed by Raskin. I recorded Raskin’s composition in a format and style reflecting “Russian Traditional” music.

Track 6 is another “Russian Traditional” composition, this time by Hrebinka. The original Hrebinka song is a very short composition; it commences at 2:25 minutes. Do not leave the room, you will miss it!  To lengthen the track I have added my own composition fronting Hrebinka’s original.

Track 8 is the shortened version of the composition.

Prior to the 11 January 2017 recording session, as an experiment, I pre-recorded from my practice piano a few lead notes of a new composition. The experiment was a failure.

I reverted to my tried and tested composition technique – i.e. to play the piano in the recording studio, creating compositions, and see what transpires from the session’s recorded output.

11 January 2017 turned out to be the most productive day ever since recording at Abbey Road Studios, resulting in 15 compositions in total, for albums Simply Piano 8 and Simply Piano 9. As previously, both albums’ contents are “one-off” takes.


Recording Simply Piano 8 Studio 1

STUDIO 1 The Steinway & Sons Model “D”-274 Concert Grand Piano

SIMPLY PIANO 8 was recorded on 11 January 2017 alongside SIMPLY PIANO 9.

During the recording process I wrote 15 compositions. Ten of these are included in Simply Piano 8. The feature compositions are “Vista Edelburg” and “Alpine Snowfall”.

As with previous Abbey Road recordings, all my compositions Simply Piano 8 are “one take “recordings. The compositions being created during the recording process.

Included is the song “If You Were The Only Girl In The World”, a song instantly recognised by armed forces personnel engaged in the Second World War serving in Europe, North Africa and The Far East. The song was universally recognised as the link to their wives and girlfriends left behind in Blighty (UK).

Additionally is an extension to my popular song “New York Peoples2”, composed at Abbey Road Studios.

The faded end Partita 1, Track 11 is the beginning of Partita 2. Both Partitas 1 and 2 were composed together, one followed the other. Partita 2 will be published at a later date.

Simply Piano 9 comprising 10 Tracks will include “The Godfather1” followed by three related compositions “The Siciliano”.


Recording Simply Piano 7 Studio 1


SIMPLY PIANO 7 was recorded on 29th October 2015.

During the recording session I wrote a number of compositions as single take recordings, tracks 1,5,10,11,13,14.

In memory of my introduction to the International Night Club entertainment circuit Cote d’Azur France, track 2, is a ten minute medley of “CHANSON”, the soul music of Paris, France. Included in track 2 at 03.17 minutes is my composition “L’Accordinista”, remembering the first musical instrument I learnt to play, the musette accordion.


Recording Simply Piano 6 Studio 2

STUDIO 2  The “Mrs Mills” Piano.

SIMPLY PIANO 6. Was recorded on 12th August 2014 undertaken on the 1902 specially adapted Steinway upright piano known at Abbey Road as the “Mrs Mills” piano. The same piano was used exclusively by Russ Conway to record his 1950/60 hits and later played by Sir Paul McCartney when recording the Beatles hit records featuring piano accompaniment.

“HONKY TONK” was recorded continual play and contains my own compositions “Bundesfeir2” at 02.34 minutes and a popular version of a previous composition “Skirl Of The Pipes” at 15.38 minutes.

The major part of the recording incorporates instantly recognisable sing-a-long melodies I performed during my early piano career at CIU Working Men’s Clubs in the UK. For West Ham United football fans, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” is at 13.16 Minutes. The website contains the “as recorded” unedited version of “HONKY TONK”.

In addition to recording “HONKY TONK” I recorded many of my own compositions using the Steinway Model “D” and the Yamaha CFX. Concert Grand’s. These recordings are currently retained on file.


Piano miked up ready to go

STUDIO 2  The Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano

SIMPLY PIANO 5. On the 16th April 2014 I arrived at Abbey Road Studios at 8:30 AM walked into Studio 2 with an objective to record my own compositions. I had no preconceived plan or programme on how to generate my music compositions. On the contrary my method is to work the piano keyboard, establish a genre, harmony, and notation, generate the composition, and assess the recorded outcome. A fuller description of the method I adopt to secure a music composition including musical history is contained in my autobiography Chapter 2. The only definitive decision made during the day concerned the choice of the piano to be used for the recording. Studio 2 accommodates two concert grand pianos. A Steinway Model “D” and a Yamaha CFX. I settled on the Yamaha CFX Concert. The Yamaha CFX concert grand piano is the new replacement for Yamahas much admired CF111S model. The technical proficiency of the CFX is outstanding, it’s also a very powerful instrument with a unique sound all of its own. It’s a challenging instrument to play in a recording studio but very rewarding, when you master it. The CFX model raises the bar for the top league of concert grand piano manufacturers, represented by Yamaha, Steinway, Boesendorfer, Fazioli.

Performing in Studio 2 and listening to the “strings sing” produced by a superb instrument in the knowledge that the recorded outcome and post production “mastering” would be equally superb provided the stimulus for me to achieve the results I was seeking.

Tracks” 1-10 selected from “Simply Piano 5” are included in the “MUSIC” page. Track 9 is an unedited version of how Track 4. “Stadt Zurich” was generated being prefaced by music I cobbled together which has been described as a musical “Rumble in the Jungle”, an apt description I endorse.


Retired Operations Management MBA,DMS,MCMI,MIoD

Industrial Engineering Construction.

Self taught non music reading pianist.

Author: abridged autobiography “LIFE ON THE ROLLER COASTER” Published by KDP